Notification for hotkey conflict

In Settings->Hotkeys, please add a notification if hotkeys are assigned to the same commands.


I’d like this as well (along with the same hotkeys assigned to different commands), it’s sometimes hard to remember what hotkeys I’ve set before especially since the new update (v0.7.4) where there are suddenly more to memorize.

+1 This would be super useful.

Btw whats the conflict resolution atm? Does it prioritize alphabetically in the Hotkey list or is there some other mechanism?

As part of this, I suggest detecting collisions with built-in keyboard shortcuts (i.e. basic editor / Obsidian commands that are not hotkeys). For example, I didn’t realize Ctrl+U was another keyboard shortcut for undo (in addition to Ctrl+Z). I initially assigned Ctrl+U to toggle highlight; this assignment produced some odd results.

It’s currently possible to assign multiple commands to the same hotkey.

I think the user should be warned before being able to assign a hotkey to more than a single function (i.e. “Already Exists for: X”). Otherwise it is on the user to be aware of all existing hotkeys before creating a new one.

While testing a few I was never able to get a single hotkey to perform multiple functions. It seemed to always pick one of them to perform. I’m not sure how it decided which to perform.

This leads to another potential issue; the assignment of a hotkey to conflicting commands (e.g. focus on pane to the left & focus on pane to the right).

I had a similar experience to Montblanc.

I set up Control-J to switch to the pane below.
I set up Control-K to switch to the pane above.

(I wanted Vim-like keys for switching panes quickly.)

There’s was no hotkey set up for Control-K. However, there seems to be an unlisted keyboard shortcut for Control-K that deletes a line. Surprisingly, both the hidden and the custom-added keyboard shortcut are run when I press Control-K.

In line with this feature request: Perhaps it would be easiest to notify the user that there’s also a conflict with any of these unlisted keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks all

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