Notetaking for University Students - Community Talk by @Wace

Notetaking for University Students - Discussing the best practices for studying in Obsidian

Type: Short Presentation with a focus on Q&A
Expected Duration (min): 20-30
Presenter: @Wace#0765
Longer Description by presenter:

I would love to share my current process of notetaking in obsidian as a university student. Using Obsidian has completely changed the way I take notes and study, it’s the program where I spend most of my days and the core of my entire learning process. I will probably also briefly touch on things outside of Obsidian, like my organization and general study process, in order to give better context to the way I work in Obsidian.

The main goal would be for my presentation to be the introduction to a collaborative analysis where we dicuss what are the best practices to use Obsidian as a tool for learning and studying.

Technical Requirements: None

This talk will be happening on 2021-05-01T15:30:00Z using this Zoom meeting with the following details:

You can find the voting poll here to get an outline of the talk.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this talk, or share any thoughts/comments :slight_smile:


Hey SkepticMystic,
I missed your presentation unfortunately.
Can you share some few other resources / tips for studying with Obsidian, in here?

Thanks you!

Hey Multicontext!

The recording for Wace’s talk will be made available once the editing is done, and you can find the slides on the Community Talks Google Drive :slightly_smiling_face:


The recording is now available!

@Multicontext you may also be interested in joining the #academia channel on discord.