Notes only taking up half screen width in landscape mode on a table

First off I have an Amazon Fire Max 11. I first installed the Google Play Store and it works great, then I installed Obsidian via the Play Store. I then used Synthing to keep all my notes up to date if I alter them on my PC.
I have Obsidian with my css snippets and all the plugins (that work on this device) installed and everything is working pretty good except for one issue. The issue is the notes only take up about half the screen and are centered. I want them to take up more space because it scrunches everything in a thin column and cuts off much of the statblocks (plugin). Image below.

What I’m trying to do

I want the note to take up more screen space (make it wider) and not “scrunch” the notes so they are more readable in landscape mode.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked for different settings and what not but I could find nothing to help with the note width in landscape mode.

You could turn off Settings > Editor > Readable line length to have all notes fill the entire screen.

It looks like you are using the ITS theme, so this CSS snippet (with Readable line length enabled) will give you control of the width:

body {
    --file-line-width: 60rem; /* adjust as desired and px are fine here as well; the default is 700px */

Assuming Obsidian considers the Fire Max “tablet-sized”, you could try this to only target the tablet:

.is-tablet {
    --file-line-width: 60rem; 

I didn’t know that readable line length was a thing until someone mentioned it in the Discord.
If I have an issue with readable line length being turned off I will try your CSS snippet to see if it works only on the tablet, but I could just turn it off on my PC. I had to move all my CSS snippets over as an individual folder because for some reason none of my snippets got transferred even though everything else did.
Yes, I am using the ITS theme!

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