Notes only open as a split screen

What I’m trying to do

I just click on notes as always but they open in a new pane, except it’s not a tab and I don’t know which setting this is. If I click on several notes it just opens them all equally split across the screen.

I also restarted the app and it remained. I cannot work like this sadly, don’t know what’s causing this.

Things I have tried

I did try to find a key command, and I can open one of the many opened notes into a new window and then actually close it via CTRL + W or with the mouse, but not as long as they’re not part of a new window.

that’s what it looks like

also opening a new tab doesn’t work nor can I close a single tab at the top, I should have pointed that out

I couldn’t find a plugin as the culprit either

How did you check the plugins? Often you need to close and reopen the vault to fully unload a plugin after disabling it. The easiest thing to do is turn on Settings > Community Plugins > Restricted Mode and reopen the vault to see if a plugin is the problem.

Another possibility: is your Ctrl (or Cmd) key stuck?

More debugging steps: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system

well I did so and it was gone, but after reenabling them it’s also gone, so I guess it is actually a bug of some plugin

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