Notes not rendering, missing bottom half

Steps to reproduce

Usually happens when first launching obsidian, and only for the first note. Other notes will render fine.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

I can’t reliably reproduce it. It only happens ~20% of the time, so no I did not catch it happening on sandbox.
I do use ~20 snippets and ~40 plugins. But disabling them all (once the half page is loaded) does not fix it.
Macbook Pro M1

you need to disable them and restart Obsidian. I am gonna move this to help.

Also from the screenshot it looks like you have another (empty) tab in the bottom.

@james1294 Disable the Creases Plugin. The “empty” tab at the bottom is coming from that. It’s a bug.


Thank you! I think you might be right, I keep seeing “creases failed to load”

You can also disable the obsidian core plugin outline. Then you can use creases again. :wink:

Oh thanks! I just discovered “Quiet Outline” plugin and prefer it anyway.

(I tried using “Plugin Groups” to load creases on a delay, but that didnt solve the problem)

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