Notes "magically" dissappeared

Couldn’t find any topic on dissappearance of notes.
It happened already 3 or 4 times that I was writing a note and it disappeared.
I had to go and look for it in the trash, notwithstanding I have the option “Confirm file deletion” turned on.

Anyone with the same problem?

It would be easier to help if you could deliver some more detailed information. Could you share your debug information?

And did that happen under certain circumstances only? Are you using any sync solutions?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Not using any sync solution.
Only have installed Admonition and Text to Speech plugins.

I couldn’t replicate the problem. Sometimes in the middle of writing is that the note disappeared. Kind of weird. I know.

I had this happen when I first began using Obsidian where as you say notes would “magically” disappear.
There’s a post somewhere on the forum about this, that of course I can’t find, but essentially if your vault is on iCloud and you have a Windows box linked to iCloud, this can happen.
I unlinked the Windows box from iCloud and have had no problems since.
Hope that helps.

Note magically dissapeared again.
Went to the File Recovery and hopefully found a previous snapshot.
Here’s an image showing how 11:57 there was data in the snapshot and 12:02 there was zero.
Hopefully I took it from there and reconstructed.

I have, as of now, the vault in a OneDrive directory installed in my mac.
I think that OneDrive could be the culprit, but I need it because I use two computers (laptop & desktop) and need to have my notes replicated.

Any guesses?


Good question. The files that are being corrupted (a.k.a. disappear) are the files that I have open and I’m working on.

Based on your experience, It looks like Obsidian might have an issue using OneDrive as destination folder for the vault.

I should consider doing something like you did (in my case a cron would work fine).

Thanks for you reply!

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