Notes Heirarchy

Could a note be assigned/flagged as a “Parent Note” and a “Child Note” or “Sub Note”?

For instance, I have a topic called “Subsets,” and I want to make two distinct child items using the following method (such hierarchy would appear as such in folder/explorer view)

|— Proper Subsets
|— Improper Subsets

I am not keen on using folders, there are way too many folders in my vault

There are folders and notes, but default / vanilla Obsidian has no concept of a parent or child note. That’s something, to be generous let’s call it a “thought technology”, that you bring to it.

There are probably some plugins to help you out.


Why do you need folders?
You can also add nested tags:
Subsets/Proper Subsets
Subsets/Improper Subsets
By using hash # or properties.

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I’m recently thinking about the same thing. I’m still experimenting, but currently, mimicking folder structure using links/Dataview is working well for me.

Parent note (which I call a “hub note”)

The dataview table shows the child notes.
I’m using Minimal Cards to render the dataview table as pretty cards but this is only optional.

  - hub
  - cards

TABLE links as Link
WHERE hub =

Child note

A child note has the link to the parent note as a property.

hub: "[[Parent]]"

Nested tags are also useful, but in this case, we need a hierarchy between specific notes rather than tags in my opinion.

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Also, you might want to take a look at these plugins, although I have not tried them myself.


@ariehen : I have tried a number of them from the plugin store, but none of them appear to work well or be simple.

@AdrianoCzelentano I rarely use tags and only do so when absolutely necessary to avoid complicating the text or my thinking. I try not to do them too much.

@ush : I appreciate you providing options. Since my brain is somewhat hardwired for SQL, even though I greatly value dataview, I frequently make mistakes with it.

@looney.apache You might find this interesting: Dataview JS Getting The Tree Root - #28 by holroy

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@I-d-as It seems excellent, however I want to stay away from Dataview because I make simply too many mistakes.
I believe my expectation that there would be a plugin option to flag notes and query for primary subjects may not be accurate (apparently such plugin is not there yet).

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Have you looked into the Excalibrain ( or Breadcrumbs) plugins, as suggested above? I do believe these offer what you’re looking for using rather simple property usage.

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@holroy Although I already had them, I didn’t find them helpful in my situation.


I want to be able to connect my notes in file explorer with ease by marking/flagging them as parent/child. Canvas is too much for what I need and I cannot seem to think of something I could use.

The closest answer was this one!
I am grateful for all of your assistance. Thank you.

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