Notes and folders not showing in file explorer

I’m using version 1.4.6 on Android. The notes and folders I created in the app are not reflected in the file explorer. If I move a note, it is not reflected either. If I modify a note from the file explorer, the app does not register the change. And it’s exactly the same with the Trash, Plugins and Themes folder. I could reinstall, but I have too many notes to back up manually, I’d prefer it to be a last option. What should I do?

Sorry I’m not familiar with Android. Hopefully others who know better will answer. But I have a few general suggestions and questions:

  • When you are editing from the file explorer, are you sure you’re editing from the right file path location? Is there any chance your vault, or specific folders got duplicated somewhere, somehow? In Obsidian Android, is there a command like on desktop to “Reveal in System Explorer”? The first step is just to verify you are actually externally editing the same files.
  • Have you tried turning off community plugins to test if there is a glitch with a plugin?
  • If you fully close and reopen the app, or restart the device, do your external changes finally update? (I’m wondering if it is just a refresh problem in the file explorer.)

Are you saying you don’t have your notes backed up? The more notes you have, the more important it is to have some form of backup. Whether or not you find a solution to this problem, I highly encourage you to investigate backup options for all your data, always.

Hello. Let’s see, I already tried restarting the app and the phone. There were no changes.

I’m going to try to disable the plugins and themes, although I’ve been using them for a long time and they haven’t given me any problems, maybe an update is the problem…

About having duplicate Vaults, no. I do have duplicate notes, but in completely different paths (the ones from the app in the internal storage, and the others in the SD). And the problem is in the Internal Storage.

About doing backup, I don’t like to do it with online services, I backup from File Explorer manually (only by copying/pasting folders… that’s why it’s a problem if a hundred notes don’t show up in Explorer). My bad habits.

Finally, I haven’t found any “Reveal in System Explorer” option… It would be a good option, now that I see what is needed.

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