Notes and dealing with changing schedules

After I’ve finished teaching a class, I try to make a few notes for the next class. Usually this class will be at the same time the next week. Usually, the same students will be there.

Unfortunately, sometimes students miss classes and sometimes the schedule changes.

I generally have:


But I found that student notes tend to be a bit redundant, unless one of the class students is also taking private 1:1 classes.

There’s also no linking to the calendar. When I tried the FULL CALENDAR PLUGIN, I found there was no way to link a note to any of the imported events.

I’ve also tried simply listing class notes in chronological order in a big text file. This actually worked better than linking, because, like DAILY NOTES, I could just scroll back to see my notes and who was in the class.

I’m just not sure how to arrange these notes with changing plans?

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Hard to give specific recommendations. I have one giant file for each course, with l1 headings for each week and l2 headings for each day. If I need to note something about a student (they were absent, disengaged, did great, etc), I just note it on the day it occurred to me. If I need to remind myself to talk to them later (to make up a test eg), I just note it on the l2 heading for that future date. If I needed to review everything on a given student (useful for parent teacher conferences—I teach middle school), I can ctrl-F my way thru the document. I haven’t needed anything more complex than that. But I also have small classes and don’t need to record very much about the students.

The most consistent aspect is:

Making a note AFTER the lesson about the the NEXT lesson. This is usually on a weekly basis. That’s the minimum.

So I need to be able to make a note about the next lesson,
And then view that same note from last week.

So I suppose the template would be something like:

-REMOVE NOTE FROM 14 DAYS AGO to keep the file short and simple