Noter: an advanced script to create and sync notes with Anki (two-way)

Current features:

  • GUI: A friendly user interface
  • CLI: A command line interface option
  • Custom syntax: with the power of regular expressions and models
  • Update notes from file
  • Images and audio
  • Obsidian syntax support
  • MathJax formatting
  • Automatic syncing with AnkiWeb
  • Backups
  • Full one-way sync
  • Two-way sync
  • Link to original file in the flashcards
  • Update modified media
  • Ready to use models

This is a script I made because Obsidian_to_Anki wasn’t working for me and its developer haven’t delivered any updates for months.

I chose to make a python script instead of a Obsidian plugin because this way I could update Anki automatically even without opening Obsidian and Anki with task scheduling (useful for changes made in mobile or other markdown editors) and because it made possible to make it more powerful (like syncing with AnkiWeb automatically).

You can ask me any questions here. For posting feature requests and bug reports, do it on Github (guide)


Is this still available? I love the idea of two way sync with anki

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Great !

I want to see more, but the links are 404 ?

Try this here: 👋 AnkiBridge Introduction | Obsidian AnkiBridge although this is one-way, I am using it right now, and I like the simplicity of it.

This doesn’t work anymore huh… too bad… there is no plugin i know of that does a two way sync between markdown and anki cards

I wonder if someone forked this repository.