Note within a note? (Sticky note?)

Create a note within in note

I would like to use (what it amounts to in the paper world) a sticky note on a note. In my workflow, I use a note to check various things and require a “sticky” within the main note to document what changes need to be made based on what I find. Of course, I can scroll to the bottom of my existing note and add it there, but I’d like to have a sticky note type overlay for the existing note. Can Obsidian already do this?

Things I have tried

I looked at plugins and didn’t see any that had this.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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I don’t think that you can do that. You could however have that “sticky” note in the next tab group/pane, (and possibly within the side panel) and then keep editing/referring to it there independently of your active note.

Is this ITS theme custom callout close to what you want?

That would suffice! However, I don’t want to change my current theme. :frowning:

Do note that in a sufficient long note, callout boxes like that, will most likely disappear due to the note being partially unloaded. (That is unless that plugin adds some javascript to the callout, and not only css)

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