Note Toolbar v1.5: Top Positioning, Global Folder Mappings, Style Settings Support, Button Style, and more!

Note Toolbar v1.5 is now available via Community Plugins!

New Features

  • Support for setting the position of a toolbar in two spots:
    • Below Properties = default, respecting styles (including “sticky” on scroll)
    • Top (fixed) = fixes the toolbar to the top of the tab
  • Folder Mappings:
    • / = map toolbars for notes that just live in the root folder
    • * = apply toolbars for all of your notes (note that you can still override this with more specific folder mappings or the property)
      • Tip: Put this at the bottom of your Folder Mappings in order to make sure more specific folder mappings take precedence.
  • Styling:
    • Support for styling via the Style Settings plugin. See here for more details.
    • A new button style to make toolbar items look like buttons.
  • Right-click anywhere in a (non-callout) toolbar for menu with a shortcut to Note Toolbar’s configuration
  • Commands:
    • A new Open Settings command, for convenient access to your toolbar configuration
    • A new Toggle Properties (and Open/Close Properties commands) to completely expand/collapse the Properties section:
      • When expanding Properties, the command also completely unfolds the Properties heading.
      • Your Preference seems to stay maintained if operating within the same tab/window, while opening a new tab/window requires the command to be run again.
      • Note that vanilla Obsidian remembers your fold preference on save (which includes Properties), though this only seems to work in Reading/Preview mode (at the moment?).
      • Disclaimer: I’m considering feature as experimental, as your mileage may vary. Getting it to work within Obsidian’s boundaries took some experimentation. It may never quite work perfectly, but I do believe it’s an improvement over the built-in Toggle fold properties command.


  • Ability to search when selecting a File to link to in settings (thank you @LBF38)
  • Better handling of displaying toolbars when switching tabs (thank you @mitchmeister)


  • Hide on mobile and desktop not working when both were set
  • Hopefully fixes issue where Obsidian was being reopened for some users
  • …and more.
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