Note to self (re: forum): reply before you mark a response as solution!

Hi! I just marked a response to one of a questions I made as the solution, and then wanted to reply to thank the user who provided the solution… just to find that the thread was automatically closed the moment I marked the solution, and now I can’t post a reply anymore.

I imagine it is a maintenance/hygiene issue to have threads close automatically once they are solved, but it would be great if that could be delayed for a little while (maybe a few minutes?). I have made a note to self anyway, to leave marking things as solutions for the last thing, and will try to send a direct message to the user with my thanks, but still, I would rather have left it public in the thread.

That’s strange, the thread should stay open for 7 days after the last reply when you mark a solution. What thread was it?

Oops. It’s this one: How to force a line break in (Nunjucks) templates - #8 by holroy

It has been more than 7 days from the last reply, but it says it closed “29 mins ago”, maybe I confused it with the moment I marked the solution?

I’m not sure what happened there.

If the thread is closed, you can also simply hit the like button to thank someone. Marking a response as a solution is also a way of thanking.

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I just now got what you meant about marking it as a solution — that maybe the thread was already closed and you didn’t notice, and marking it as a solution changed the date that Discourse says it was closed. That sounds plausible (and also like a bug in Discourse).

That might be it, thanks for clarifying. I just did the “Mark as solution”, “like”, and also sent a direct message to the user because I wanted to thank explicitly :innocent:

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