Note title upside down

Normally I’m working with the “Sliding panes (Andy’s mode)” plugin activated. I never liked the orientation of the title, though. So long time ago, I managed to changed the orientation from top-down to bottom-up. For me, that’s much easier to read.

Problem: when I disable Andy’s mode, the title is back on top of the note, and it’s font is now upside down. And I don’t remember how I changed the orientation of the title in the first place.

Any idea? Thanks!

Things I have tried

  • I switched to another Theme: the title orientation doesn’t change. So I’m sure it has to be somewhere in my CSS files.
  • I looked through all of my CSS files, but can’t find where I changed title orientation.
  • I searched through the settings in Obsidian.
  • I searched this forum, but didn’t find anything on title orientation.
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Can you copy and paste your css snippets contents here?

Interesting. I once had the idea of using a font with characters rotated 90 degrees so that the note titles could be read vertically when using sliding panes, so I’d definitely be curious how you accomplished this.

Didn’t want to post all of my many CSS snippets - there are far too many, most of them not activated. But I found Getting comfortable with Obsidian CSS. That helped to find the code in one of my CSS files.

/* with Sliding Panes plugin: title is written bottom up */
.view-header-title-container {
  transform: rotate(360deg);
  text-align: right;
  margin-top: 10px;

Deactivated it, and title looks good again :slight_smile: .


See my reply to Obsidiandnancy.

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