[[Note Title|Subheading]] Links Appearing in Graph View in v0.8.1

Steps to reproduce

Launch graph view.

Expected result

See the regular graph view where nodes represent [[Page Titles]].

Actual result

Notes linked to [[Note Title#Subheading]] are now showing up as their own link instead of just linking to [[Note Title]] in the graph view


  • Operating system: Mac OS 10.15.5
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.1

Additional information

My expected result for this node in the graph is for [[The distorted mirror between humans and technology]] to link to those three pages but without the #Subheading appended to the link name.

This has expanded my graph quite a bit as I link to and embed specific sections between notes fairly often.

These #Subheading links don’t appear to link back to the [[Note Title]] node they are appended too either (e.g. all of the [[Maggie Appleton - How to Become a Neo-Cartersian Cyborg#Subheading]] links don’t link back to [[Maggie Appleton - How to Become a Neo-Cartesian Cyborg]].

will be fixed in 0.8.2.

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