Note rename with Natural language dates Date Picker

What I’m trying to do

I want to select a date with Natural Language Dates “Date Picker”, rename the note to the selected date and have it moved to a specific folder.

Things I have tried

let title = tp.file.title; 
let picker = await app.commands.executeCommandById("nldates-obsidian:nlp-picker");
	if (title.startsWith('test')) { 
		title = picker
		await tp.file.rename(`${title}`); }

await tp.file.move("/Daily notes/" + tp.file.title)

I found this code here on this site, but I did not manage to make it work for my case.

I have also tried to create something with quickadd, because the date that was generated would get printed on the initial Note and not on the newly created one.



  1. So cursor(1) gets activated. (No idea why it would not get normally activated after i run the template for the first time)

  2. Is a capture to add: (Another variant I have tried…)

const title = tp.file.title
if (title.includes("test")) {
const newTitle = app.commands.executeCommandById('nldates-obsidian:nlp-picker')
await tp.file.rename(newTitle)

With the Quickadd setup I get the error: QuickAdd: (ERROR) TypeError: new_title.match is not a function.

Almost everything works, except that the date only gets pasted in the note, whilst the title stays the same.

I have no clue, why this does not work :frowning:

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