Note References & Backlinks No Longer Working

Hey, so as of yesterday any new note that I create no longer holds the reference and backlinks don’t work.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Create a new note, and add a line that references an older one.
    ie Old Note = [[2020-07-05]], added [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note]] to the note, screenshot below

  2. Open new note, check backlink to see if it shows up
    ie New Note = [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note]], checked backlinks and nothing in linked or unlinked

  3. Change title of new note, doesn’t reflect in old note where it is referenced
    ie New Note = [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note]], change title to [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note - Testing Update]], old note [[2020-07-05]] still shows [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note]] and not [[202007051617 Testing Out A New Note - Testing Update]] and the notification that usually comes up saying files have been updated doesn’t show

MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

Opem 2020-07-05, ctrl click on [[… Testing]].

What document does it open?
Does the document that contains Is this working or does it open a new file?

You can clear the cache file if nothing has worked since you posted.

I am having the same problem–I put in a note, then another one and set the backlink to the first note, and nothing happens when I click on the backlink. I have only been using Obsidian for a week or so, but this is frustrating. Any thoughts?