Note presentation styles powered by css

I suggest adding note styles, selectable like edit/view mode is currently selected.

Currently, custom CSS files are limited to create 2 global styles - dark theme and light theme, selectable from settings.
I suggest adding possibility to define additional styles in custom CSS, only redefining note rendering (and applying over themes), with those styles easily selectable without changing settings and theme (from the note title bar, 4example).

It would make it possible to create different view modes for

  • presentation
  • reading
  • editing (as with WYSIWYG different view/edit modes would be gone)
  • indented outline-like view (see Css-powered outline-like mode suggestion)
  • anything you can imagine.

It seems to be in line with the current HTML and CSS model and should not cause compatibility issues for current CSS files.

Any thoughts?


I definitely would like a way to edit the CSS used for slides in the presentation mode. I’ve searched the obsidian.css file to see where this is housed, but so far no luck.

I can manage the overall styles by adding information from this gist suggested by someone else in this thread. I’ll be experimenting with this, but it would be nice to embed some specific CSS in the slide deck page. If I have any success I’ll add it here.

Open to good suggestions from anyone. Am having a great time learning obsidian!


I would very much like to be able to do that too (CSS styles for slides, I mean), because right now the slides are not using the space effectively, plus I want different fonts, etc.



the default font size in the presenation is way too big and I dont know how to adjust it.


I hava this question too