Note or folder?

Things I have tried

There is a bug in obsidian.
When you create a new note it occasionally creates a folder instead!
It is not obvious when, but it totally messes up the structure of your notes!
I have tried to figure out how or why, but there is very limited information.
Also there is no way to distinguish between notes and folders!
No different color, no different options it literally the same, except one is a folder and the other is a note.
This is really bad!

What I’m trying to do

What OS? What version of Obsidian?

What method or command are you using to create a new note?

Can you show a screenshot or something? Does this happen if you turn off all themes and community plugins? Does this happen in the Help Vault?

There is a way to distinguish files and folders. Folders have a triangle arrow beside them, for opening/collapsing them. Files do not.


If you don’t see that, you might have an issue with a CSS theme. Do you use a theme?

I use linux 20.04, Obsidian is the latest/greatest.
I created notes by writing their name in the double brackets.
I have cleaned it up. I do not have any evidence.
But I think I know what caused this issue!
I do not have any themes or any mod enabled. I used full default settings!
I am not sure about help vault…
Actually I was realizing it by that way, the triangles…
But otherwise no difference.
It should be highlighted or marked by any ways!
I spent more than an hour to rearranged my notes…
When I created the notes the name contained “/” and I did not realized I creating folders.
I just seen it when I find weird “weird” notes, there is a triangle next to their name…

Is there any ways to high light them?

I’ve seen some themes are able to highlight the folders using CSS. I don’t know how, but if you search the forum, you might find some tips.


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