Note locks (?) such that I can't edit it. I can see it. Can't type. Mac OS

I’m trying to figure out how to recreate it. Fixes itself, sometimes. Sometimes I have to close and re-open the app.

Worse, can’t figure out how to explain it.
I click on an existing note. I edit it.
Sometimes I click on an existing note, and I can’t edit it.
I try opening it directly from the left pane, normally.
I’ve also tried opening it via the tabs when it’s not letting me edit.
Sometimes it fixes itself when I do this.
Sometimes it doesn’t.
The tabs do seem to be part of it, but can’t explain how.
Really feel bad that I’m so useless here. I expect better, but this is just a weird problem, too.

It all started with the newest release, for sure.

As an aside … I miss being able to rename just by typing. Why make it harder?


  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Debug info: Not working for me, the above instructions, but also, I just reopened the app and haven’t yet recreated the problem, in part because I want to quit for the night :slight_smile:

Hi, are you new to using Obsidian and the Obsidian community? If so, welcome.

The “issue” you are describing sounds to me like edit/reading mode, which is a basic intended feature of Obsidian. When the note is “locked” for you, you can check these icons:

The one at the bottom (in the status bar) indicates what mode it is currently in - the pencil means editing mode, and the book means reading mode (where the note cannot be edited). You can click the icon at the top of the note to switch between these modes, or use the hotkey cmd + e. Reading mode is useful for when you want to reference notes and don’t want to accidentally make changes.

Another tip for you to make this behaviour more consistent is, go to Settings > Editor and change “Default view for new tabs” to “editing view”. That might be why sometimes you open a note and it cannot be edited, whilst sometimes you can.

I hope that this was helpful for what you were facing :slight_smile:

Also, regarding your aside point - I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to but I assume you mean renaming the file. In that case, you can still do that by clicking in these areas, where you can edit the text of the file name.

But in the future, please make sure you post separate topics into separate threads in the forum. That will make it easier to get more relevant replies or discussion, and also make it easier for other people to find information for help about the same issues you are having.

I could kiss you! How I’ve been clicking that and not knowing is beyond me. Didn’t even realize the setting had been changed, either. I’m always in live or source mode, but the default was set to reading mode. Must be a release change I didn’t notice. Dang, but I felt dumb :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Kiss kiss. Thank you kiss. Now I can sleep.

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Not used to forums, so didn’t notice I hadn’t created a separate thread. Or maybe it’s the domino effect of feeling dumb.

As for renames, I usually do it in the left pane. I also didn’t like the file name being put at the top of the note, so turned that off. Being stuck in read mode may have also created a rename problem. I’ll see about that tomorrow. Thank you. I usually have no problems using Obsidian. Been using it and in love with it for some time.

Glad to hear and I’m happy to have helped :slight_smile:

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