Note creation date after migration

Hi everyone,
this is my first post in the forum, so i hope ill get it right.
I migrated to Obsidian from Joplin a while back, on 31st of July 2023, as will be important later.
When i migrated, I used a tool that allowed me to export my Joplin notes easily. It even added some important metadata to the file, which is now in the Properties of my files:

Great, so the creation date of every file is still there. Unfortunately, when I query the file creation date in Obsidian (both with templater and dataview, like so:
$=dv.current().file.ctime returns
which as stated above is the migration date.

Is there an easy way, to update the note creation date to the one specified in the properties? So my notes keep their chronology?

The file system creation date (ctime) knows nothing about your file metadata Properties. Ctime belongs to the file, not the contents, and indicates when the new file was created on your computer. (Ctime can also be overwritten in a number of copy/move/sync scenarios and can’t really be trusted.) It looks like your migration converted original created dates into the YAML metadata field “created” – which is what you want to query for – not cdate.

A chronological view of your notes will only be possible with dataview queries, not the Obsidian file explorer “Created time” option. This is a long-standing irritation that doesn’t seem to have an easy fix: Handle file creation date / modified date internally (don’t use the filesystem info) - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

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If you have your Joplin notes in your local storage, you can get the creation dates of the original Joplin notes using any programming language, so it will not be that hard to write a script that does the job. If the original files are not accessible, it will be hard. (I’m not familiar with Joplin)

You need to query dv.current().created. Don’t use ctime, it’s irrelevant.

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