Note as a URL redirect

I’m interested in a plug-in which allows a note to act as a URL redirect.

I link to a lot of external URLs in my notes, and usually just I copy and paste the entire URL into the note. Instead, I’d like the ability to create a wikilink to a note that, when opened, opens a URL in a browser.

For example, let’s say I want to link to Plugins ideas - Obsidian Forum

I might create a note called PlugIns, inside the note could be frontmatter like so:

target: new-window

Whenever that note is opened, it takes me to the page in Safari.

While writing other notes, I can add a link to Plugins ideas - Obsidian Forum simply by typing [[PlugIns]].

This would be useful functionality for three reasons:

  1. Creating a wikilink to an existing note is faster than copying and pasting a URL, especially for URLs we reuse on a regular basis (my specific use case).

  2. I can map URLs as if they were notes.

  3. If the URL Plugins ideas - Obsidian Forum changes, I only need to update it in the PlugIns note, rather than every note where I copied and pasted the URL.

I’ve looked and I haven’t been able to find a plug in that already has this functionality, but hopefully I didn’t miss something!