Note and metadata/YAML templates snippets & showcase

A place for anyone to share their note & metadata templates.

With plugins such as dataview, templater (some examples), periodic notes, and more, Obsidian’s possibilities have expanded a thousandfold!

In order to bring together the great minds of this community, let’s share our note templates and metadata templates. These templates should make it easier for you to organize information and simplify your workflow.

As Tiago Forte puts it

The simpler you want your daily work to be, the more sophisticated the underlying system must be.

What allows your mind to be clear and your day effortless is having an external system that is taking care of the details.

What note templates do you use? What kind of metadata do you put in your notes? Have you set up a CRM? Have you set up a database of online videos and use a nifty template for each video? Share ahead!

Please share the requirements for your templates if there are any (e.g., plugins required).
And share the code or a link to a file so users can easily copy/paste the shared templates.

PS: if anyone knows how to efficiently create a repository of templates and organize them, please tell me!


It looks like there’s a new Templater showcase that links to a centralized github repo.