Not understanding preview mode vs edit mode

I don’t understand the difference. I thought edit mode was the “raw markdown” and preview mode was the rendering of that raw markdown (not sure of the precise terminology here). However, with the advent of live preview, this distinction seems to be rendered (no pun intended) useless.

A related question is - Are the docs outdated? I did a google search for preview mode vs edit mode. I found this link (Preview and edit modes

but certain things, like code syntax highlighting and embedded files, will only show up in reading view.

Isn’t this outdated? Is the link I sent outdated? Is reading view a synonym for preview mode? I’m new to markdown, personal knowledge management, etc, but I’m willing to learn.

Here a diagram with the currently used terminology: Live preview update
Some of the docs are a bit outdated.

This page explains it in the help:

“Live preview update”

If you go to Settings → Editor → Use Legacy Editor, and turn that on, you’ll get back to the old “Edit Mode”, where things don’t format as you type.

Or staying in Live Preview in your settings, you can also run the command “Toggle Live Preview/Source mode”.

I’ve also noticed that renumbering dosen’t happen in the new editor unless you click Reading View. Is it true that not all things “render” (I think you called this “format”) as you type?

Yes, that’s right. “Live Preview” editing view is not a 100% representation of the fully-rendered Markdown. Which is why “Reading View” still exists.

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Is there a way to suggest changes to the docs? Like a pull request?

Is it true that source mode in the new editor is the same as edit mode in the legacy editor (according to the chart)?

yes pretty much, there are technical differences though.

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you can create a pull request on this repo:
But probably not right now as they are restructuring them(see the readme there)

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