Not sure if a plugin exists to make notes blockable

Hello everyone, I’ve only recently started using obsidian, and I’m having a problem with writing notes, I’d like to have text boxed like a dialog box or blocked text like vs code and customize the background, but I can’t seem to find a plugin that works, I wonder if there is such a plugin or if any of you are interested in this idea?

blocking the text like this in chat software


I would suggest that you take a look through the obsidian help menu in your installation. Those pages are actually notes in markdown that you can go through and find real examples of how many of the features are used plus you get through the documentation.

Custom callouts are possible through snippets. I can give you an example from my own vault:

.callout[data-callout="contact"] {
    --callout-color: 250, 250, 250;
    --callout-icon: lucide-contact;
    border-radius: 10px;
    width: max-content;
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column-reverse;
    padding-right: 3.5em;
    /* select first line of text */
    .callout-content > p:first-of-type::first-line {
        font-weight: bold;
    /*select callout title and icon*/
    .callout-icon .svg-icon {
        height: 1em;
        color: black;
        font-size: 0.7em;
        font-weight: bold;
        font-style: italic;
        color: black;
        padding: 0;
        margin: 0;
    padding-top: unset;

I see that in your examples, they are a single block of colour. I happen to like this style better than the original styling. Use the following snippet to change all callouts to this color block style:

.callout {
background-color: rgba(var(--callout-color), 0.4);
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Looks like I need to know how to write css code… Thanks for your help, I’ll give it a try. :laughing:

Remember that callouts work out of the box. Of you are satisfied with your answer remember to close the thread.

I did it! This looks like a lot of fun, thanks for giving me the advice to try this. :laughing:


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