Not Equal To sign in obsidian

I’ve been trying to type the not equals sign (= ← this but with a bar through the middle). I’ve tried the regular windows shortcuts for the sign but it doesn’t work. Is there a shortcut or a way to type the sign?

Have you tried it in the Sandbox Vault?

If the key combo works in the Sandbox Vault, check for problems in your vault:

  • Toggle Settings > Community Plugins > Restricted Mode to see if a plugin is interfering.
  • You might check Settings > Hotkeys to see if something else is using the key combo (but if nothing is happening when you use it, then that’s probably not the problem).

As a workaround, you could use the Text Snippets plugin or a separate keyboard macro / text replacement app.

Furthermore, have you tried it in any other app? For example, why didn’t you type it here in the forum? What are the “regular windows shortcuts”?

It likely depends on what app you’re using. A quick Google shows that the office suite apps support some keyboard combo. But it isn’t universal to Windows, as far as I can tell.

(MacOS is lovely for typing characters like this. alt+= is ≠ in any text field.)

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