Noobie: how to notify someone in synced vault

What I’m trying to do


There are 3 of us sharing a synced vault. Is there an easy way for me to notify on of the other two that I have made a specific change, like an @mention?

Things I have tried

Periodically checking the sync log, however this is noisy/verbose

found a few links on git repos, but I’m wondering if there are other methods people are using, community plugins, or other core features to accomplish this.

Here are a couple of the git repos I came across:

What about using tasks tagged with something like #mention and a reference to the other persons. Each of you could then have your own “home page” where it would list all of those mentions, and appropriate measures could be taken.

Thank you Holroy, a lot of the concepts you’ve mentioned are still foreign to me, so this provides a great place to dig in!

I’d search “notif” in the plugin store to see if any plugins offer ways to trigger notifications.

(Also what holroy said.)

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