(Noob question) Is it possible to have specificities of Discord and OneNote?

Hii !

Very recently, I have been looking for another equivalent to OneNote, as far as putting text anywhere in the middle of the page and moving it around, I haven’t found anything that fits except you
(the display with the little dots, I would like to see the final display of all my notes arranged with these little dots by year, month etc etc, however I don’t know much about it, and the wall of settings is pretty much how to say… bha I’m afraid to blow everything up by changing a setting)
end I think, and so I wonder:

-Would it be possible to have a window that does the equivalent of “one note” I mean creates a text box anywhere in the void?

  • Because it’s handy to create a conceptboard, make lines and circles, move it around, add videos and images, then move it all back, to make it less messy.
    And if behind that, via tags, you could arrange the different notes, that would be cool.

Also, would it be possible to have the markdown of the discord software ?? please

Yes discord, because :

  • After the old forums in Php with the tags between brackets to write spoilers, it was really the galère, (I understood that there are tricks to do with the YAML, moreover not sure to have understood really what it was that the YAML…)
  • It’s especially that it’s the reference software for the youth who land on a PC, the evolution of the ux/ui discord, would be a good reference, well I mean if they make evolve things with cool ideas, just copy and the public who use it will already know and it will be simpler/intuitive.
  • I personally believe that one day Discord will dethrone Facebook, because of the potential (apriori it respects data/privacy, although I don’t know if a big brained researcher has checked this thing).

So, I wanted something that would put all my notes in one place and that would be light like the window notepad (I guess what I’m saying is completely stupid, besides being hilarious and maybe not possible at all?)

Something like this is being worked on.

What features of Discord’s Markdown do you want — just the spoiler tag?

Thank you for your answer, it makes me happy! :melting_face:
What you quoted from me, was in reference to OneNote, in what I appreciate is visible in the timer of this link yt How to use text in OneNote Desktop - YouTube

The fact of moving elements directly inside is very cool, the reorganization, I’m not sure of the term, it’s like “patchworks”?

Canva, bha yes it’s like OneNote, except that I discovered Canva much later than OneNote, which makes it my main reference… and one note is pretty but there is no markdown à la discord, it’s the old thing with the character size in the top bar à la microsoft-word.

I like what there is in Adobe illustrator, I think? CLICK INSERT and drag on a left/right side and it enlarges the character directly instead of selecting the exact size, it’s less annoying than the other.

Big apparter, from the rest of what I wrote, apparter, if below :
Uh between the time I wrote all this and the time I’m posting, I’m a little tired and I saw some other stuff, end of obsidian and Markdown, actually it’s just the time to find out how it was created, so there are some things that are not necessarily relevant.
Well if you think about markdown and that key there # well it’s true that… but in fact it’s maybe easier to put in large font than in bold, but bold titles are more than enough, and I didn’t consider the size, but if you want to write small spam 5 times that ##### fine it’s lame, the interest to write paving stones of scientific literature I don’t say but still it’s quickly but limit.
Fin, the size has a direct relationship to the typography, design battle & volume expression, but not necessarily efficient ergonomics (a little word magic “efficient” to the way I use it.)
Fin if we want to come back to the fact that the reading is different but not too much, we leave the markdown and we leave in things with the letter of color in the middle of a word (things that can be done with dyslexic no? ), (limit as well as adding 2 to 3 variant of an ultra standard typography ? No false good idea what it makes constrast there is real in the bad idea … (to be developed later).)

The line spacing is really huge, I’m a bit shaken.(well, I’m going to bed.)

That’s also why I like discord markdown, there are lots of simple effects that are efficient by nature and available directly in the habitus, so it makes it fast and efficient, fluid would be the word that fits?

And for discord, it’s because I’m used to it:
__ for emphasis __
bold double **
italic *
barred text with these things ~~~~
And the Spoiler? Bha no… what I don’t know if one day, in order to share stuff yeah… but the spoiler tag is to make a “surprise” effect so unless it’s to surprise oneself, no ((parenthesis)) is more than enough… end I think? As you like, and .

Note by doing research to answer your question, which made me ask many.

It’s the “”" thing The quick formatting"" once we have selected our text, the little box above Ecriture Markdown | Discord.fr ((The page is partially translated into English via googletranslation, but it’s clear enough to understand what is evoked,) I did not know that there was a shortcut with Ctrl among others, I discovered it just now.)

In fact, I’m surprised by the number of shortcuts that don’t have the same design thought, and that don’t follow any general rule, it’s so free in all the shortcuts that it changes from one software to another, it’s a bit of a cancer to comprehend.

Edit : Uh between the time I wrote all this and the time I’m posting, I’m a little tired and I saw some other stuff, end of obsidian and Markdown, actually it’s just the time to find out how it was created, so there’s some stuff that’s not necessarily relevant.
midnight 30m french time > Dodo !
(french reference a song for kid before going offline, non offdown, enfin sleeping… anyway see u another time Dodo l'enfant do - YouTube )

other element to add for a potential other posts 🤯 5 OneNote Tips & Tricks - YouTube

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