Non-persistent filenames in iOS app graph view mouse-over

Issue summary

When using the iOS app on my iPad Pro with a trackpad, hovering over nodes in the graph view only reveals the filename for an instant before it disappears again (when zoomed out far enough that the filenames have faded away). In other words, they flicker into view momentarily before disappearing again, even if I haven’t moved the trackpad circle cursor. Behavior is confirmed both in my usual vault and in a sandbox vault.

Steps to reproduce

Prerequisites: Obsidian running on iPad with an external mouse connected (such as the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard)

  1. Enter graph view
  2. Zoom out until the filenames labeling each dot fade mostly or completely from view
  3. Using the trackpad, move the mouse cursor to hover over a dot representing a file

Expected result

Filename appears/is fully visible until the cursor is moved away from the dot.

Actual result

Filename flickers into view for a moment before disappearing or fading to dim again.


Operating system: ios 16.4 (Apple iPad)
Obsidian version: 1.4.3 (95)
API version: v1.1.16
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: insider
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on


Not sure if this is worth noting, but just in case: the in-browser graph view in Obsidian Publish (e.g., the help pages) does behave properly under similar conditions (hovering cursor over a file dot on the zoomed-out graph when using an iPad w/ mouse).

if you zoom in, does the situation improve?

If you zoom in, all of the filenames become visible all the time. This bug only occurs when zoomed out to the point that they have partially faded or are completely hidden and the cursor hover is needed to reveal them (similar a tooltip for a button).

What happens when the filenames are not visible but you are not completely zoomed out?

Actually, I just noticed the flicker behavior is always there but is only evident once the filenames begin to fade (because otherwise it’s just a flicker of text in front of already-visible text).

Perhaps the bug would be best illustrated with a video (it won’t let me upload an mp4, so a gif will have to do). Notice the following:

  • At regular zoom, there is a slight shift in front of the filename
  • At middle zoom (filenames faded but still visible), a hover produces a brief flicker of the fully-visible filename over top of the faded one
  • At far zoom with no filenames visible, a similar flicker occurs

Note: presumably because of framerate, some of the filenames do not appear at all. In the app itself, they all flicker briefly into view. It seems they’re visible for too short an interval for a 30-fps gif to consistently capture, though.

iPad Obsidian graph view filename hover glitch 2e