(non-Obsidian) iOS MD app with latex support

Does anyone know if any of the iOS apps supporting Markdown listed on the FAQ page also support inline Latex? I did some poking around and wasn’t able to identify any, but I also didn’t want to purchase each program to find out definitively.


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iA Writer would work (and also supports many of the additional MathJax extensions), but doesn’t support some of the other features (e.g., the [[]] wikilink syntax).

Brett Terpstra’s iOS text editor comparison table is super handy, but doesn’t include a LaTeX column sadly.

According to this thread on Quora, Ulysses can also do LaTeX, but similar to iA Writer doesn’t support wikilinking. Sadly, 1Writer supports wikilinking, but not LaTeX. Same for NotePlan.

You might be outta luck if you’re hoping for wikilinking and LaTeX support, unfortunately.

Obsidian on the desktop is exactly what I’ve been looking for to replace Evernote, but I do require a mobile solution that allows searching notes globally for keywords and tags, and supports wikilinks. I can sacrifice Latex rendering for now in favor of those two features. I have seen Terpstra’s site, but it doesn’t explicitly call out wikilinks or global searches (at least, apps like 1writer that are listed as supporting “full text file search” do not appear to be capable of searching all files in the note hierarchy…

I don’t suppose you would have any suggestions on that front?


You may want to check out NotePlan—specifically the beta for NotePlan 3. I think it will do all of the above, save LaTeX!

Notion does Latex and MD inline and so much other code as well, e.g., Java, Python, R, … Unfortunately, your files are only on their cloud.

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