Node color, filtering, and depth for local graphs in Obsidian Publish mode

Local graphs in Obsidian Publish are great for navigation, but they lack visualization features available on the desktop.

I use Obsidian to track the global circulation of films and filmmakers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America in 1946-1990–graphs visualize the variety of contacts that happened during that time: Obsidian Publish

On the desktop I am able to display films, directors, countries, and events in different colors (by tag), but on the Publish site it is impossible to distinguish between them.

On the desktop, I can filter to show only films or only directors present at a particular event, or extend depth to see connections to other events, but not in the published version.

It would be great to have the same functionality for local graphs in the Publish mode as exists on the desktop, specifically node colors, filtering, and depth, already available on the desktop version.

Hard-coding node colors by tag into CSS could be a viable workaround, if possible.

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I fully agree with this FR


+1! Would be great to add features like these. For anyone (including myself) who’d like their readers to use graph view as more than just a ‘gimmick’…


I have tried and tried to fidget with my publish.css in order to target files by filename prefix, by path, or by YAML so that I can color my graph nodes.
Either some css wizard (please) comes along and shows us a lengthy workaround with a lot of typing, or the developers add support for filters and groups on publish.


hey, this is an awesome idea. any updates on the feature?


+1 on this feature!

I would love to be able to hide the various template notes that I use from the graph, such as my header/footer templates (every page) which have no meaningful presence in the graph at all. Ideally we’d be able to filter out based on a pattern match for both files and folders.

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Hi there!
Obsidian publish support confirms that filtering is still not an option. To me, this makes the publish version much less powerful than the desktop one. That is why I am bumping this thread up: please add your voice to this discussion to make filtering a priority in the next developments!


+1 so much usefull

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+1 I’ve been waiting for this since the start of publish

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Hi Obsidian teams! Any news on this filter option add-on? I do not know from a developper standpoint, but from a user standpoint, that looks both necessary and very basic :pray:
Thanks a lot for considering this!