No warning on colliding hot keys / shortcuts

Steps to reproduce

Use the zettelkasten creation pattern plugin. Set the hot key to cmd + n. The default for creating a normal note is cmd + n.

You exit settings and try to create a new note. It creates a normal note and not a zettelkasten note. Confusion arises.

Expected result

When setting a new hot key make sure that there are no colliding hot keys. If there is warn the user that the hot key is already used.

Actual result

You can set a hot key that is colliding with another hot key and the result is that only one hot key will be executed, confusing the user.


  • Operating system: OSX
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: Yes.

Additional information


will be fixed in 0.10.3

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Hopefully “warn” here means “give the option to go ahead anyway”, since most of the time when I assign a duplicate hotkey I intend the new assignment to replace the old (and would rather not have to track down the old command).