No print, no export!

What I’m trying to do

Simply put, I am trying to share content I created using Obsidian.

Things I have tried

How? I have went through a long process to install pandoc, and miktek. Unsuccessful. Then VS Code with the Markdown to PDF plugin - resulting in no tables.

I’m not interested in advanced styling. Headings, text, tables, a few pasted images (they work in VS Code).

Just print even - I can use a PDF print driver…

Edit: the ‘preview’ ‘reading mode’ works fine. Text is selectable, as with most other content. Thinking of just moving on - I’ll copy and paste using the clipboard and put my content into the applications I wanted to move away from.

File > Export as PDF not suitable?

“Failed to save PDF” appears…

Is there an error message in the console (ctrl + Shift + i)?

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In the console there appeared to be an error with a community plugin; file.color. I removed this, restarted and attempted the export again.
Another error in a plugin; Removed the plugin (which happened to remove the tables) and exporting to PDF now works flawlessly - at least for the core features. I’ll probably need to check for issues and workarounds with the problem plugins to see if I can get my ‘tables’ back.
And take a ‘chill-pill’ - apologies for over-reacting. And thanks for your help - I didn’t even know I could troubleshoot in this manner!

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When something isn’t working, I always try these steps first:

Most often, I can get to the root of the issue.

Yeah. I always troubleshoot, but on this occasion went off-track over-reacting - was under pressure. I do apologise, and thanks for the how-to.

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