No Love from 1.5.8

As I was riding the Seventh wave of Love for a couple of hours, I went back to 1.5.3.


  • DataView zero matches on all queries. – Now it works on 1.5.3
  • Regex search or search getting too many results causes text twitching??
  • Workspace.json file not found good enough to start Obsidian on 3 occasions (was using an older backup to get it working with some of my earlier tab group settings). Another vault was stuck on cache while I had no config folder (I delete everything on a fresh install).
  • Another strange thing: after a half hour of work, I exited Obsidian to place in the config folder my custom dictionary file (cannot do it while Obs. is running). Upon relaunch, the files had to be indexed again.

I may want to look for some wavy CSS…

Using: Linux Ubuntu 20 with deb package – for the record.
iOS 1.5.8 started up with no hiccups on workspace.json. Not using DV there.
EDIT: One cannot long-press and release to pick option to split down or open sidebar tab in Hover Editor as the pop-up menu disappears in about .3 seconds. Reverted to 1.4.something (easy on JB).

Next day:
I forgot to uncheck automatic updates on Linux and it updated itself on the 1.5.3 installer. So far DV works so the indexing done on 1.5.3 is used (1.5.8 deb package is only good for an update not for a fresh install?)
I will be using this now and test it.