No guarantee and "everything will break" API beta testing phase?

Same here! Would love to hack on stuff!

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Anything that gets us past the roam cult.


Count me in on the constantly-breaking-beta-API train :slight_smile:

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+1 on breaking APIs. I think this will accelerate developing a good API. Plus I’m champing at the bit to fix the main feature hole that is still missing for me (music notation).


+1 on breaking APIs. I just want to fool around for a bit and push this to the limit!

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I’ve been itching to add on some functionality that I need. Unstable api is better than nothing :smiley:

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Received everyone’s feedback and we’ll go with an unstable API first!


Is this something that is already close to ready? Or is there at least some kind of timeline to expect this? Absolutely no rush, just interested because I’m on leave for a month, so I have some time to hack on this :slight_smile:.

Currently no timeline, sorry! Check back in a month or so and hopefully we have something almost ready for testing.

I’m in support of this, as I’ve said on Discord (BloodyPeguinDestroyer/ReverendPenguin). There’s a lot of self-fulfilling plugins I can think of to write and may serve a use for others well, especially since each vault has their own config (if that can be exposed to the plugin like in VSCode).

Don’t mean to rush, just checking back after nearly a month, should there be anything almost ready for testing !



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Yes, definitely. I saw your post on music rendering, and I think it would be great.

Out of curiosity, what use cases do you personally see for playable music notation? How could this be used by those interested in music in general?

Why not to make data automatically?