No forum notifications

Not a major prob, as I look several times a day… but if any of the forum’s moderators or admins is reading this, any idea, please, why I am not receiving notifications of replies etc to my posts? Thanks!

What kinds of notifications are you hoping for? On which device?

My understanding is that those settings control the in-forum notifications—so what shows up in e.g., the badge in the upper-right corner whenever you check the forum.

I’m not sure if Discourse supports browser-based operating system-level notifications, and it looks like the DiscourseHub mobile app cannot provide push notifications for forums like Obsidian’s: Notifications on mobile for Discourse Hub app - #4 by jennyvie - support - Discourse Meta

Thanks, Ryan!

As Discourse has got more and more popular, I’ve become used to getting email notifications… that is the way that the OmniGroup’s, DEVONthink, Dorico and several other Discourse forums all work. Apparently the same settings too.

If it’s not possible, or not enabled by the admins, no prob! Thanks anyway.

I shall continue to be grateful for the mountain of expertise and good will I find here each day :slight_smile:

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Do the settings in Preferences → Email do anything for you on this front?

I missed that as I expected to find such a pref under Notifications. Have tuned everything on. I’m sure it’ll work now. Thanks so much, Ryan!

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