No fonts displayed in UI when opening Obsidian in Arch using Snap

I’m hoping someone here can help me.

I installed Obsidian as Snap on Arch Linux (running Sway if that makes a difference). The UI fonts are displayed as rectangles.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve tried deleting the font cache and installing snap-store, as per some thread a saw regarding the same problem on a different snap. Did not fix my issue.

Aside from the fonts, the window you show doesn’t even look like obsidian. Looks like a file manager or something?!?!?

Thanks for the reply.

This is the window that pops up when I choose to open a vault from the start up screen. So yes, my file manager.

This is probably not some Obsidian bug, but some issue with snaps and fonts in general. I was hoping someone had encountered the same thing and had a solution for me.

I had this on Manjaro as well. Clearing the snap font cache helped, sometimes:

rm -rf ~/.cache/fontconfig
sudo fc-cache -r -v
rm -rf ~/snap/obsidian/common/.cache/fontconfig

…but in the end I went with the AppImage release instead. No font problems with that one.