No editor in Templater: Parsing error

First, search the help docs and this forum. Maybe your question has been answered! The debugging steps can help, too. Still stuck? Delete this line and proceed.

What I’m trying to do

I am on Mac using the templater community plugin. I assigned a hotkey to open my Daily Note and I get a popup saying “no active editor for templater, parsing error”.

I need help to set up an editor for Templater.

Things I have tried

I tried adding the code that I found in the instructions in the file that I am using for daily notes. It did nothing for my problem. I don’t understand the syntax.
<< [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”, -1) %>]] | [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”, 1) %>]] >> # <% tp.file.title %> <% tp.web.daily_quote() %>

I am using templater because I want to have consistent frontmatter in all templates. Since I do not have the background to understand the syntax, could I do the same with the core plugin template? I am naively believing that I can copy and paste code if I know what it is for.

I think that the problem is different than my ignorance of code. I don’t know what an editor is. Or how to install it.

simple answer is that when you want to use templater, you need to have an active note open - editor means the main workspace of the note