No Autopairing Brackets after circumflex ^

Usually, when typing [ a closing bracket is added automatically resulting in [] immediately. But when typing ^[ for example to add a footnote, no closing bracket is added automatically.

Steps to reproduce

Type ^[

Expected result

Getting an auto paired ] afterwards, resulting in ^[] immediately.

Actual result


Additional information

I can’t reproduce. Post a ascreen recording of this happening in the help vaut.

Ah, found the error. It seems to be a macOS issue. When typing ^, it gets underlined signaling that typing a vocal next, results e.g. in â. You can escape this mechanism by hitting escape. If you do this, then the bug doesn’t occur. Nevertheless, I would regard this as a bug.

Here you can see how escaping leads to the expected behavior:

Does it happen here ?

It’s the same

Search/post a bug report to codemirror.