No Access to vault or folder

What I’m trying to do

1 - I’m trying to access a shared Vault on local network.

2 - Every time i go to open/select the vault on the network nothing opens and i get no error?

Things I have tried

I’m running Linux debian 12.1 and have just started here with obsidian, I’m on a shared local network vault .

1 - I can access/view all the folders and files on the local network in file manager.

2 - I can ping the local network.

3 - I have re-installed obsidian

How are you sharing the vault? And what are you accessing it from?

Obsidian won’t work if the folder isn’t local enough.

Everything is shared on a local area network in-house via LAN, I’m accessing from a dell laptop 2022.

Shared how?

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