Nextcloud Integration

As Nextcloud Hub II has come out I thought a little and thought how crazy would it be to have an integration to nextcloud so you can host your own obsidian vault on nextcloud (private or not, you decide) and actually use obsidan as a kind of app on nextcloud. Of course, this may not be feasable (i don’t know a lot about software engineering and that stuff) but if it could be achieved it would just be amazing!!

Maybe someone else has an idea how we could integrate it into nextcloud or similar self hosting tools.


This may absolutely be possible!
Essentially all that is needed is a nextcloud integration which translates Obsidians sync protocol into nextclouds and vice versa (simplified). And some changes to Obsidians code base may be required in order to be able to sync with third-party syncronisation tools.

The question here is if this can be done in a stable/robust manner. Because if the result has issues like the onlyoffice nextcloud integration¹ - this integration shouldn’t be created. Simply to save users and developers from headaches and data loss.

Although not as convienient - data can be synced as a sync - folder that is handled by the nextcloud desktop application. As I did not test this yet I don’t know if it’ll cause issues.

As a measure of CAUTION - Obsidian Vaults should ONLY be synced while Obsidian is closed. Otherwise you may encounter loss of data.

Good Luck! :·)

Files from Obsidian sync in both way with NextCloud desktop on MacOS or Windows, but it doesn’t works at Android.
When I create new file using obsidian it’s created in filesystem of android, but doesn’t detect in NextCloud Android and didn’t sync at all. Even if I click in Nextcloud android app button “sync” under specific folder.

Does anyone got the same problem?

This is not specific to Windows and Mac computers :wink:.

On Linux you can also synchronize. :kissing_closed_eyes:I’m on Ubuntu, the easiest distribution to use, and the official Nextcloud client allows you to sync in both directions.

On the other hand, the official NextCloud client on Android doesn’t allow to choose the download directory. I’m stuck to its internal directory. Moreover, the internal directory of NextCloud client does not allow writing for a third party application. I can’t for example create an Obsidian vault on NextCloud internal directory.

The main problem is that it is not possible to change the download directory. Synchronization is only one way with the auto upload function.

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