New Zettelkasten notes in the same vault as other notes

I was excited to see the plugin that automatically attached a Zettelkasten ID to a new note, but then saw that for some reason enabling this plugin requires choosing a separate folder inside the main vault. All my notes are Zettelkasten notes, so having to see them indented under a separate folder in file explorer adds unnecessary clutter and wastes screen estate.

Could this plugin be changed so Zettelkasten notes are treated the same as all other notes, not requiring their own separate folder?

You should be able to have them where ever you want. To a closer look at that plugin

I tried writing the same folder name as my main vault, but got an error message saying it couldn’t find the folder path. It was only when I created a folder inside the main vault and selected that folder, that the app recognised it, and created a new Zettelkasten note inside it.


Enable the plugin but delete any Zettelkasten prefixer in the menu settings. I never set a prefixer and my new zettelkasten notes just automatically go into the top level of the vault (I have no sub folders).