New Window but keep same theme

I’m trying to figure out how to get new windows to open with the same theme/appearance settings as my normal window. I would’ve thought these would be global? Maybe I’m just missing something.

Things I have tried

Searching for relevant settings, closing and reopening Obsidian, changing theme setting in new window (strangely it then applies the theme to the original window as well)

What I’m trying to do

Open documents in new windows with the same theme settings as usual.

They should just do that without any effort.

Do you see the same behavior in the Sandbox Vault?

Thank you! Didn’t realize that.

Looks like I’ve gotten rid of the sandbox vault at some point, so not sure.

Trying it with different themes, it seemed to happen with some and not others. Mainly I use the Minimal theme.

How did you get rid of the sandbox? When you go to the Help menu and click Open for the Sandbox Vault, what happens?

Do you see the same behavior with Settings > Community plugins > Restricted Mode turned on?

I’m using the Minimal theme, too, and not seeing the behavior you described (altho Minimal has about a thousand optional settings, so who knows).

I’ve found that some themes don’t seem to work with Open in new window. One such example, is the Things theme. I do see that Minimal works fine, not sure what might be different exactly.

Just an update - the Things theme was updated to fix this as it was a CSS related issue. Cross posting to what the solution was which I shared in another thread where this was a problem: My created theme isn't loaded in popout windows - #5 by mbentley

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