New user tutorial?

Does any one know where the new user tutorial is hidden? Only way I know it exists is that there’s a badge for it and 1 person has done it.

I’m not sure what the rules are for a private message, so hesitant to ask that person directly and feel that there should be a topic for this in any way so if someone in future searching for it they can find this one.

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Do you mean for this Discourse forum, or for Obsidian app? I have never seen a new user tutorial for any Discourse instances I’m in, hmm. Here, each section has some guidance in a pinned note.

The Obsidian help docs can be accessed in the bottom-left of the app window.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough information to be able to tell. I hope it’s for the Obsidian app.

Since you get a badge if you do it I’m assuming it’s somewhere in this forum rather than in the app itself, but I’m just guessing.

Hah, I have not seen it, so I don’t think the badge you found has anything to do with the app nor does it preclude participation here.

All information for new users of Obsidian is in the help docs, accessed in the bottom-left of the app window.

There are user-made tutorials on YouTube if you’re looking for further instruction.

This sounds like the Discourse user tutorial. If you’d like to go through it, you can send a private message to @discobot with the content:

@discobot start tutorial

Thank you.

A bit disappointing as I was hoping it was an Obsidian tutorial I hadn’t seen yet.

Discobot also isn’t replying to me via PM, so wonder if it’s even online here.

@discobot display help

Okay, so for future reference: If anyone is wanting to do the new user tutorial (start tutorial) or the advanced user tutorial (start advanced tutorial), you can’t as discobot is currently disabled on this server.

Which means the Certified and Licensed badges are out of reach here.

I went to the Discourse demo site to get mine and see what it was about.

Still disappointed it wasn’t an Obsidian tutorials, but I still learnt something new.


@RobertSpencer: the help vault should contain most of the things you need to get started with Obsidian. Just press F1 when you’re in the app! :slight_smile:

Having the same reaction - but will soldier on and try to learn as I can. Thanks for the questions - they helped clear up my confusion!!!