New User: Kindle Integration and PDF Markup for Research for IPad Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find a way to either have my highlighted notes from kindle integrate directly in to Obsidian or be able to add PDFs and mark them up or take notes about them in Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I searched for PDF and pdfs in the forum and found some answers, but was very confused about how to execute them without further explanation. I also saw a plug-in but it is not available for me to use on my iPad. I’m very new to Obsidian so this could be user error, but specifics could really help.

I don’t use Kindle so can’t give advice on that but there is a plugin to import Kindle highlights.

You meant you want to add PDF into Obsidian and highlight in Obsidian? Currently not possible but will be in the future (no promised timeline. It also depends on Mozilla so out of Obsidian’s control).

I’d suggest you look up how to integrate Zotero and Obsidian. Seems closely related to what you’re trying to do.

Have similar question. I’ve been using Remarkable recently, lucky to come across discount code. Can’t figure out how to integrate properly notes taken using eInk device into Obsidian. Advantage of eInk devices is ability to freehand note taking which is a problem when try to convert into text. Way I do it now is to export into PDF and attach to Obsidian. Not ideal.

That’s a great $40 discount! Didn’t know about discount code, paid full price for reMarkable without regrets. Best e-ink tablet for note taking, journal and thinking on paper.

Most have PKM system - Obsidian/Roam/DEVONthink3 - collecting loads of notes but let snippets sit on their computer without processing those knowledge. I use reMarkable for hand written notes in meetings + personal journaling, to go over notes collected on Obsidian for any current project. Helps to think on ePaper, simplify these notes and keep only relevant ideas, most of time generate more ideas, then email a PDF version to self to attach to Obsian. Physically writing slows things down for better thinking + reflection. Bought reMarkable because of 100 days of free trial, is best tool accompanying my MacBook + iPad, like a physical notebook that’s always on my desk.

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