New to Obsidian: UsingTemplater in Obsidian

I am considering switching from Workflowy to Obsidian and having some startup pains.

What I’m trying to do

Using Templater, I want to create a Daily Note. In my Daily Note folder, I have the following folder structure:

Daily Notes
01 Jan
02 Feb
03 Mar

When I right click on the month, I would like the new Daily note to be created in that month’s folder and sorted by date.

Can anyone tell me how to do this or where I can read or watch how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Things I have tried

Assuming your desired structure looks like this:

Daily Notes
 └─ /2024
      └─ /01 Jan
           └─ 2024-01-02

I think you could do that using the Daily Notes Core plugin and set up an appropriate date format within its settings to automatically have you daily note created where needed following your desired structure…

E.g.: Using the Daily Notes Core plugin and setting the Date format to YYYY/MM MMM/YYYY-MM-DD, today’s daily (2024-01-02) note was created under: Daily Notes > 2024 > 01 Jan

Daily Notes Example

… with the following settings:

… Or you could use the Community plugin Periodic Notes (with or without the “complementary” Calendar plugin) if you need more than daily notes (weekly, monthly, etc… notes) :blush:

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Thank you. The format you provided does just want I wanted.

Saluda, NC

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