New to Obsidian from HackMD. A few questions


I’m from HackMD but decided to take my note taking to the next level. With this in Mind, I found many options and the one I decided to use is Obsidian, but then I’m having some questions about it and if you can answer me I would be really glad.

  • Code highlight only works in Edit mode. Is there anyway to make it work in View mode? I already tried some plugins and none worked
  • Lists, quotes, codeblocks and more seems to have almost no padding and space between items at all. Anyway to change this? I tried many different themes without success

For some reason, everything just looks so complicated. What am I doing wrong, if I am at all?

Thanks, guys!

For 1) make sure to use an identifier prismjs recognises.

What do you mean by that?

I mean. I use regular markdown syntax to create codeblocks and as I said, in edit it shows all the colors.

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