New Theme: Vicious

hi, I have created my own theme, and I would appreciate it if you could use it and provide me with your feedback.


Dark Mode

Light Mode

Repo Link :


I’m trying, but I don’t like your rendering of bold, italics and links. In both dark and light mode, it’s difficult for me at first to understand where the key words of my notes are. I also personally don’t like the “bubble” border around each card. Apart from that, I really appreciate your idea for the folder management and the bullet list.

I really appreciate your feedback! I’ve fixed the link rendering, but I’m still working on making the bold and italics look even better. I’m determined to find a great solution for them. Thank you for your patience, and let’s keep working together to make everything look awesome!

I really like this theme, but could it be made compatible with Style Settings?

Just installed it and that’s the only downside I see – can’t change any colors or sizes/other settings (without diving into css, which I COULD do but takes a bit longer) and unfortunately, while I kind of like the highlighter-rainbow for folder colors, I like a light theme for my work folder (which is what I was testing it on) and the headers are somewhat hard to read on a light background.

Now, I happen to know that my smaller monitor’s color (even when everything is adjusted as much as possible) isn’t exactly the same as my bigger one, and when I pull it over it’s not AS bad, but I suspect other people will have similar variances – it’s good to be able to play with those.

Any chance of such an update in the future, or a separate setting plugin along the lines of Minimal’s?

[Edit: also – while I don’t always use them, it’d be nice to include the typefaces/fonts you use as default in the documentation, because my default fonts in Appearance override; I’ll probably always keep Atkinson Hyperlegible as the UI of anything, tbh, but I like the one you used in the headers and body text. And I know font choice takes a while in design so I like being able to at least test it as it’s meant to be seen!]

Hello my friend! I really love your theme, it looks so sick.

I have a few questions though. When I installed it the theme didn’t have the indentation in the folder files and the dots next to the folder name, how can I get it?