New take on folding: arrange and display


I switch to obsidian from MindManager and OmniOutliner, where I heavily use outlining, mostly to easily re-arrange larger portions of text.

IMHO, the best from UX perspective solutions on the market are OmniOutliner ( and Dynalist. They have plenty of features, but I think just two-three of them would make Obsidian a dream note taking app on the market :).

I have the following suggestions:

  1. Enable drag and drop a whole folded section up and down (at the moment “swap line up/down” swaps only the one line, leaving “siblings” intact). It would be good to have some visual clue for (hook?) showing the possibility of moving a whole line (with siblings) > see Omni Outliner.
  2. position a folding (triangle) mark just by the beginning of folded line (now they are always on the left margin), and add a light vertical line marking the folded fragment of text) > see Dynalist.

These are mainly UX features, but would make Obsidian a really killing app for someone used to work with large portions of text by outlining.

Good Luck!


Just in case you didn’t know, the developers of Obsidian are the developers of Dynalist. You might want to search here and the Discord chat for examples of users using iframe embedding to include Dynalist in their Obsidian window.

This is actually somewhat possible via custom CSS. See Vertical lines for indents

There’s some talk of this already! See Navigate, move, indent and unindent by heading.

Note that if you want to make new feature requests, it’s best to submit them one at a time under #feature-requests. Welcome to Obsidian, by the way!

Many thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know Obsidian devs originate from Dynalist :slight_smile:

I’ve also found sth inspiring in Athens - Roam Research open source alternative:


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Open to a 404 page

Uppsss. My apologies. See:
then click “Load Test Data” at the bottom and choose some topic on the left.
IMHO quite a nice approach,


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