New Tab Page Chrome Extension

I currently use Papier for my new tab page to have top of mind ideas readily accessible. I realized it would be amazing to have this be my roam vault.

Thinking there could be some options like whether it should open to a specific page, a single note, or …?

Not sure if obsidian has a web client / runs on electron, but this would be sick.

I don’t think there is any way to do that at the moment, though I could see that being possible (maybe) if you stored your notes in google drive, and the new tab could query a file in the vault, then display and maybe edit it. I doubt such a thing exists yet, but it would technically be possible. I would suggest moving this to #get-help or #knowledge-management , since any integration would just be linking a new tab page to wherever your vault is stored, so not including any obsidian plugin.

Have you tried putting the site/page in an iframe. Create a new note and put something like this is it:

<iframe src="https:theusr" style="width=80%;height=70%"></iframe>

you can adjust the width/height to what works for you. You can also have obsidian content above/below this.

I think they mean making an obsidian note a new tab page for chrome, not sure how iframe helps with this?